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Blogger:easy economical web solutions for Small businesses. Get online and running in record time using Blogger.

The free website building and hosting functionality of  Blogger are a boon to small businesses for creating a website presence with customizable features.
Blogger, a tool by Google, is becoming increasingly popular for small business websites. With Blogger, businesses can create a professional blog, niche product website or even a full website presence. I highly recommend the free website building and hosting tools, available through Blogger as an option businesses should consider.

Blogger as a Website Tool: Advantages


FREE Online Business Tools

Online Business Planning Tools from Ireland

I just discovered this list of Free online Business Planning tools on PlanWare.org. Plan Ware is based in Dublin, Ireland. I haven’t checked any of these tools yet, these are hot from my browser. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Link up on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pulls Top Search Listings

Why Minute to Market Recommends LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles rank in the top five search results for names. Whether you have a business, or are job seeking, LinkedIn is the place to establish professional connections, and make it easy for prospective clients or employers to find you.  LinkedIn connects over 70 million people in 200 countries and territories. While LinkedIn is not a top hot spot, according to alexa ratings, LinkedIn is climbing in popularity as a social networking site. Once, a basic job-seeker billboard, LinkedIn is now a connection-based referral source where careers are jump started, and businesses built through connections. LinkedIn is a veritable electronic version of an “old boys network”.

LinkedIn offers an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience while connecting with other professionals to further your career. LinkedIn profiles build authority, through not only being shared on their site, but as a high ranking personal brand throughout the web.  

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile : Minute to Market Tips 

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