Study Reveals 3 Searcher Mindsets! Help Your Clients Find You!

Using Searcher Mindset Gives Greater Ad ROI!

Effective Advertising:Meets Searchers Needs

Study Review - Chart :Key Points from Mindsets of Search Study
Advertising online, or offline is a waste of money, unless it creates results. Searchers - whether they are searching through yellow pages, or using a search engine, are looking for an authoritative answer to their question. About.com suggests: 'The right kind of advertising could be the expertise people are looking for.'
Is your advertising effectively showcasing your expertise? This review looks at the Mindsets of Search Study, and includes a handy reference chart with key points, plus examples that can help your business have a greater ROI from your advertising dollar using the About.com/ Latitude study findings released September 29, 2011.
What are the key takeaways from the About.com advertising study?

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