Christmas Marketing? Apple Products Top Youth Tech Picks!

Apple Brands, Oreo, Hersheys, - Top Youth Choices!

Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend® study showed Apple products as the clear youth favourites in computers tablets,and mobile phones.While this is an American study, results for Apple Canada would probably be closely aligned, especially since com score study earlier this year showed the iPhone4 having the biggest portion of the Canadian cell phone market. Want to cash in on holiday marketing? This newest Harris Poll shows not only what to market, but where,and how. How can you utilize this info?
Aligning  marketing with top youth brands, is a choice wise marketers make/ Whether selling soap, soup, or software, aligning your product with the top picks, may push you ahead on Black Friday. What other brands will youth be yeaning for? Read this latest Harris Interactive press release to help you plan your holiday marketing strategy.

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