Essential Twitter Marketing Rules

Establish Your Twitter Presence Now, Then Follow Aaron’s Rules.

Article Synopsis, Review and Recommendations: 7 Essential Marketing Rules for Twitter by Aaron Zitzer
Aaron Zitzer points out on “Twitter you can engage with almost anyone” and cites Twitter as a compelling tool for business. I agree. However, the painstaking, overly cautious set of rules Aaron gives, might cause some business owners to dismiss Twitter as something they neither have the time, nor resources to utilize. I highly recommend each of Aaron’s rules. However, time is of the essence in establishing a Twitter presence, especially for branding. There may be another business using your name, and there is also the common practice of hijacking brand names.(Some enterprising individuals take great pleasure in sending false tweets from business brand names, or will simply set up a brand name on Twitter, then demand payment to hand over the reins.) While Aaron correctly points out the wrong approach can a create a PR nightmare for a business, being overly cautious can also back fire, or be a waste of time and resources, 
 I recommend the following three rules in order of importance.


Collections: eTool Organization

What do you collect? I collect eTools. eTools? I have found a great collection of FREE eTools that make doing business online easier, and  help me accomplish more in less time.
Things that make life run smoother always fascinated me. Eons ago, I twigged a program to write and print reports on my C64 computer instead of getting mired in the cycle of handwriting, secretary typing, proofing, then re-typing and re-proofing. Later, taught  teachers and beginning readers to utilize online voice recognition software. I then started blogging as a way to organize discovered information without it taking up a lot of time, ink, space or paper. As time progressed, my fascination with code, widgets, and social media marketing grew as did my collection of eTools.

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