Marketing Your Highest Payoff Action

Get Results! Consistently Market Your HPA

How well are you presenting your call to action? What is your Highest Payoff action? How can you market it effectively?
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Applying the following business building tips, can help you get better results from your advertising materials, and day to day interactions.

Create and Implement an effective Marketing Message Using your HPA

First:Understand What Consumers Want

In Karen Dodd’s article,”Always Have a Call to Action” in Entrepreneurial Woman, she points out:”Consumers want want easy-to-understand, bite-sized marketing messages and most of all, Consumers want be told what to do next.”
Billions of dollars have been wasted on marketing campaigns,which have left consumers wondering:-“O.K. What is this about?” Unfortunately,those promos are missing a compelling marketing message

Crafting a Compelling Marketing Message

3 Parts of a Compelling Marketing Message Karen Dodd advises-truly compelling marketing messages do three things :
  • Ask critical attention grabbing questions.
  • Reassure consumers there is a solution for their situation.
  • Tell consumers exactly what they need to do next.
How it Works
  1. Targeted questioning resonates with your ideal client, forcing them to confront what is not working in their life. Questions like: “are you: frustrated by, struggling with, embarrassed about…?” remind them of their “pain.”
  2. Reassurance further engages readers. We all want to think we are experiencing the same thing as others, but want to discover a better way. In effect, you're saying to prospective clients, “you're normal, there is a way out of your situation and it's not your fault that you haven't been shown the solution yet.”
  3. Presenting the Call to Action Tell them what you want them to do next. Direct them to take your “highest payoff action” (HPA). Your HPA is the action that gives the highest likelihood of a prospect becoming a paying client.

Determining Your HPA

What is your HPA? Call for a complimentary consultation? Fill in info ,and email it to you? Register for a free teleclass you're offering? Decide which action will be easiest for potential clients to take, and give you the ability to maintain contact with your new potential client,

Using Your HPA

Ms. Dodd emphasizes- Put a clear, compelling “call to action” on all your prospecting material: your website, ezine, brochures, business card, special offers and mailings. If your call to action is missing from any of your marketing messages, you're wasting time, energy and money. People often think of a website as only a means to establish an online presence, not realizing it can get them new business, It shouldn't be that way. Karen says, “All too often, (I see) entrepreneurs sacrificing utility for beauty. …beautiful marketing doesn't get you new clients.”

Take Action! Karen Dodd’s 3 Steps for Maximizing HPA
1. Take a really critical look at your website: (yes, open a new tab now!) Does the very first page remind visitors of their discomfort through compelling questions, and tell them exactly what to do next? People visit your website for a reason. Get their attention and help them solve their problems. You're not being negative, nor hitting them over the head, you’re saving them time!
 2. Look at your business card: Is it simply a calling card with contact information, or does it actively brings you business? Two must haves for your business card:
  • Free Special Offer in exchange for their name and email,
  • Minimum 3 "pull marketing questions," and the action they need to take to get your help
3. Review your marketing materials: Is the HPA you want people to take clearly indicated every time you send out a mailing, newsletter, or special announcement,? This is especially critical with mailed marketing pieces, (conversion rates, even with expert marketing, are typically very low). Anything (even a warm friendly update letter) without a clear call to action, is a waste of your time, energy and money. – (Tip: Put your call to action in your email signature.)
Ms Dodd Summarizes "If you made an in-person sales call then didn't ask for their business or tell them the next step in the process, wouldn't you be disrespecting them and their time? When someone is interested enough to stop by our website or look at our marketing materials, they're looking for help and it’s our duty to share how we can help them. It's their responsibility to make their own decision, you're simply making it clear to them how to take the next step, to get the help they came looking for."
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